Seawoman Chronicles: The Podcast S01E03 Vid Tease: Andrea Lo PT2 On Language - Hong Kong v. Barbados

Sandra Sealy
Sandra Sealy
10 Apr 2021

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Well, you should tune in with me, and check out my 3rd #podcastepisode! This is just the #vidtease for S01E03, where I continue the discussion with global freelance writer, Andrea Lo from Hong Kong. Some of her writing credit highlights include #CNNinternational and #AnthonyBourdain: Exploring Parts Unknown.

In this clip Andrea gives us her take on language - #HongKong vs #Barbados.

You also need to hear us discuss other comparisons between our countries, more about her work in #Barbados during #COVID19 as well as the issue of street harassment in the full S01E03 pod episode.
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